Introducing... the OSIRIS Rack
A New Reference Equipment Support System

The Osiris Stealth Ultimate

"Prior to the Osiris Stealth Ultimate's arrival, I'd expected that it would improve the sound of my system more than my Standard Symposium had -- I just wasn't prepared for the degree of improvement...The Osiris Stealth Ultimate makes fools of audiophiles (like me) who continually upgrade components in search of better performance, never knowing what those components are capable of. Sonically and aesthetically, it takes a back seat to no competitor I have heard or seen, regardless of cost..." - Howard Kneller, Soundstage!

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The Osiris Ultra
"I don't think I have heard any audio system sound as open, transparent with whopping dynamics as what mine sounds like now. And this is only one week after I set the rack up...One unexpected great result from the Osiris is the reduction of groove noise from records which there is in spades. I never anticipated this. Amazing!"
- MB, California


The Osiris is available in Double Wide and Triple Wide versions, and in several finishes
"I was utterly stunned after installing several Osiris racks into my system. Everything improved, including the noise floor, clarity, transient impact, image solidity, and three dimensionality. If you haven't installed a top-tier rack like the Osiris into your system, don't even think about upgrading components and just get one. If you don't, you'll never know what your existing components can do."
- HK, New York

True state-of-the-art rack performance.

Symposium is proud to announce the Osiris Rack: a modular, state-of-the-art component environment system with unique, patented features found in no other audio or video rack, at any price. The Osiris was designed with one purpose in mind: to advance the state of the art to the limits of the envelope, and provide the best audio systems with a groundbreaking tool to advance the pursuit of the ultimate in sound reproduction.

The Osiris boasts out-of-the-box technology and convenience features, some of which are found nowhere else. These include:

  • Compound Rollerblock® Isolation (patented)
  • Magnetic Bearing Bias (patented)
  • EMI/RFI "Faraday" shielding (unique)
  • component electrical grounding (unique)
  • solid aircraft alloy leg / mechanical ground system
  • proven Symposium shelf technology
  • Oxygen-Free Copper leg system (unique)
  • ISO vertical wave isolation levels (unique)
  • wire and cable management system
  • adjustable, modular design
  • several finish and appearance options
  • custom sizes and configurations

The combination of all these features results in an equipment stand for those interested in true state of the art performance from their music systems, available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes, and budgets.

The Osiris inherited its core technology from the widely acclaimed Isis Rack, which set new standards for rack performance at a reasonable price. Osiris starts at the already superior performance level of its progenitor and exceeds its benchmarks, with new features and expanded, refined technology.

Larger, Stronger Levels

Standard interior Osiris shelving is roomy enough for most components at 21 inches wide by 21.25 inches deep (53 cm x 54 cm) (note: larger and deeper shelf systems are available; call or email for information), and is available on special order in custom sizes for "oversized" components. XT "eXtended Top" levels with greater surface area accommodate even the largest turntables.

The Osiris shelf design increases rigidity and reduces shelf "breakup" modes for truer timbral preservation. Its four-post system ensures stability, strength, and ease of access.

Enhanced ISO Vertical Wave Isolation System

In addition to the Osiris' EMI/RFI shielding, constrained-layer damped, laser-cut brushed stainless steel design, new "ISO" damped vertical isolation levels (usually implemented in the top level, but applicable to any level) are available to provide an extra dimension of precision, damped isolation without the "bounce" or transient bloating that comes with more common (and almost universally used) polymer-based isolation padding found in other isolation rack systems.

The ISO system, in conjunction with patented Rollerblock® Compound Isolation, gives dynamic, musical, unsurpassed sonic results with all types of components - from analog turntables to the heaviest monster amplifiers.

Electrical Grounding of Components

Symposium's implementation of electrical grounding connections on each of the Isis' stainless steel shelves was the first of its kind, and still an industry exclusive. The Osiris further expands this with three separate ground connections that make a direct electrical connection to the component chassis.

Electrically grounding each of your components to the Osiris' EMI/RFI-shielding shelves, coupled with the ability to ground the rack to a dedicated earth ground, is another weapon in the battle against distortion, in which every advantage makes a difference you can hear.

All the innovative features of the Osiris system add together to make far more than just a subtle difference in the sound quality, musicality and performance of your audio or video.

Optional OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) Leg System

The leg system of an audio rack is of vital and primary importance to performance. The rack support frame affects all aspects of sonics, including bass, imaging, harmonic integrity and more, through its capacity to efficiently drain vibratory energy to ground while serving as a damping load to the shelf system. To that end, all of our racks have employed solid aircraft aluminum not just because of its enormous strength and rigidity, but primarily because of its high mechanical conductivity. In this critical regard, aluminum is superior to wooden legs and all hollow or chrome-plated tubing. Filling hollow legs with lead shot or sand does not improve mechanical conductivity, but is done to damp the pronounced resonances of hollow tubing, something that isn't a concern with solid aluminum or copper legs (they are massively self-damped and acoustically "dead"). Ultimately, copper is the best support material available (the only metal in nature superior to copper in this function is silver), and of all available types, oxygen-free copper is the purest available copper. This semi-precious alloy is available for the Osiris' Legsets, Top Caps, and Cone Foot Terminator elements, hand-polished to a lustrous finish that enhances copper's natural beauty.

Note that all Rollerblock Modules in OFC Osiris Racks are supplied in a special edition, polished 7075 aluminum version (as shown in photo at right). 7075 aluminum is a premium grade, super-strength alloy chosen for its performance under high weight loads.


Note: Do not confuse copper plated legs with solid OFC legs! Copper plating is decorative only; solid copper is markedly superior for audio performance.


Value and Innovation

The Osiris is an extraordinary departure from conventional approaches to equipment support, one which has been forged during our more than two decades of experience in the study, design and execution of practical, effective, and musically superior vibration control solutions, all of which have been based upon principles of physics and wave propagation. What may be of greater importance, however, is that Symposium customers around the world know our products routinely outperform competing products which cost more; our products always provide the greatest value for the dollar, regardless of which part of the budgetary spectrum their price may occupy. With its matchless intrinsic materials quality and design innovations, the Osiris Rack will, quite simply, bring you closer to the experience of your favorite recordings than any other rack system in the world.

The Osiris is our flagship rack system, every part of which is made with pride and attention to detail. For further information or pricing on the Osiris, please call or email Symposium directly, or consult your dealer. Since the Osiris, like the Isis before it, is a completely modular rack system, you'll be able to configure it as your requirements demand, and modify it at any time as your system changes through the years.


US Retail Pricing
For US Retail pricing, please click here for general pricing on the most popular rack configurations. Bear in mind that the Osiris System is completely modular and can be configured in virtually ANY way desired, and can even be modified at a later date as your requirements change. Also, please be aware that there are options available that are not on the website, and you can request more information if needed via email.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you are NOT in the USA, your local pricing will differ due to shipping, VAT, local import duty, etc. etc. Please consult with your local distributor for pricing in your country. If you do NOT have a representative in your country, please contact Symposium for Overseas direct pricing via email or via telephone at 1-973-616-4787.

Please call or email for more information on the Osiris Rack system