Emotive Audio's exotic Sira Preamplifier is an all-tube line stage preamplifier that is painstakingly hand-built, just like the Quantum Platform. Using a no-holds-barred approach to ultimate tubed performance, the Sira is a purist design with only two very special, hand-picked tubes and one capacitor in the audio path. So what are all those other firebottles for? According to Fred Volz of Emotive, they provide "a rigorously controlled power source with independent left and right channel voltage and current sources." The result is the reason for Emotive's almost cult-like band of dedicated followers here in the United States. The Sira is shown here on the Quantum Platform during the 2002 Montreal Festival du Son et Image. Just behind the Sira, you can see the bottom level of a Precision Rack with Svelte Shelves. Hey - and how about that rug?