Avantgarde Trio on SYMPOSIUM

All that holds true for using the Svelte Shelf with the Avantgarde Duo (see Duo page) applies even more to the Avantgarde Trio. The following are unsolicited comments from two different Trio owners who put Svelte Speaker Sets under their dual woofer systems and under their horn assemblies:
After installing 4 Svelte Shelves (12x22) under the Avantgarde Trio subwoofer system:"FANTASTIC. They really gave some clearly defined meat to the bottom end but also more clarity throughout the range. The system is now I believe close to optimal and sounds gorgeous. One more thing I would like to try. Please could you send me two shelves to place under the horn speaker units. They are attached to an all metal, hollow frame which rings like a bell if you tap it and I think it could be the last hold out of poorly dissipated vibrations."
After installing a Svelte Speaker Set under the Avantgarde Trio horn assembly:"Unbelievable! The shelves under the horn stands have made a quite extraordinary difference. Clarity, information, natural sounding and a perfect compliment to the shelves under the subs. All in all I believe it's cleared up the remaining issues. Oddly enough, it's particularly apparent on voice from the TV and DVD.It's a lot clearer and precise, again natural comes to mind. ...I should have added that separation between the instruments in more complex (classical) music is also extraordinary with the shelves under the Trio's. I was listening to some Dvorak, and when the brass comes in, oh boy does it ever! Sweet but you can actually detect the tonal differences between tubas, trombones and trumpets now. The different signatures sound perfectly complementary, hey it's a good orchestra, but you know it's there and can hear the complexity and appreciate it. Before when the brass came in, well it just came in. Not any more it's different and much better. Thanks... "
Another Trio owner heard the above system, and did the same Symposium treatment under his Avantgarde Trios:"WOW! Tell everyone else who has Trio's, because they're going to thank you. Top to bottom (the bass is really creamy now) Single instrument, for example Bach Cello Sonatas are mind blowing examples. You are 6 feet from the thing!"