Precision Couplers

The Precision Coupler replaces our former Large Coupler to provide improved performance and convenience. Made of top-grade 7075 aircraft aluminum and precision machined to scintillating surface finishes, Precision Couplers are used to form an efficient mechanical connection to the components placed upon Symposium Platforms and Isis Rack levels, for effective damping of internal equipment resonances - an essential requirement for best results with vibration control devices. The high mechanical transmission efficiency of the aluminum alloy also provides an excellent transmission path for the evacuation of mechanical energy out of components and into a mechanical ground, where it can be absorbed and/or converted to heat energy.

All Symposium platforms work best with a good mechanical connection or pathway between the component's chassis and its top layer; soft materials, such as rubber or sorbothane, impede the transmission of mechanical energies. Think of the Precision Coupler as the mechanical equivalent of the theoretical "Straight Piece of Wire" in an electrical circuit: its sole purpose is to conduct mechanical energy without amplification, attenuation, or filtering. In this way, internal mechanical noise (vibration) can be conducted directly out of the component and into the Svelte Shelf, where these energies can be converted to harmless heat energy without added colorations. If your component already has built-in metal feet or has a flat bottom which will be placed directly upon the platform, or if you already have special footers for this purpose, then they are not necessary. Precision Couplers will not add any "harshness," will not exaggerate bass, or "spotlight" upper midrange. In other words, they are neutral. We recommend them if you don't have an alternate, suitable "footer" device, such as Symposium Rollerblocks, cones, or some other appropriate footer device.

Each Precision Coupler features nearly perfectly parallel top and bottom surfaces, and one side has a threaded 1/4-20 hole for attachment to similarly threaded foot posts or for screwing two Precision Couplers together to form one high coupler to clear very high feet. The Precision Coupler is 13/16" (0.8125" or 2.06cm) thick; two joined together form a double thickness unit that is 1 5/8" (1.625" or 4.12cm) high.

Precision Couplers may also be joined to the same 1/4-20 threaded hole found in Rollerblock Jr. devices in order to facilitate higher clearance requirements using Rollerblock Jr. In the picture at left, Precision Couplers were joined with Rollerblock Jr. to facilitate proper height of the turntable when deployed with its separate drive motor. Please click on image for larger picture.


The Precision Coupler's threaded hole may also be used as a receptacle for spikes and cones. Beyond protecting your floor or surface from the sharp point of a spike, the Coupler improves sound quality by damping the spike in an effective mechanical termination.



Each Coupler is 0.8125 inches high (13/16" or 2.06 cm) and 1.875" (4.76 cm) in diameter. For a further discussion of the Precision Coupler, its applications and use, please click here or click on the picture at top.