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"... the improvements were enormous..." -Ian White, Superior Audio

The Quantum embodies an accumulation of technologies invented, developed and utilized by Symposium Acoustics in the effective coupling and damping of electronic components in a dedicated platform. The Quantum spares nothing in the quest for ultimate performance. Utilizing stainless steel technology borrowed from the very successful Svelte Shelf and "expanding the envelope" to the limits of practicality and design, the Quantum is the last word in neutrality, nuance, timber resolution and dynamics and transient preservation.

theory of operation
Mechanical energy inside of electronic and electromechanical devices can cause increased noise levels due to spurious electrical energies induced by this vibration in conducting signal paths. The goal is to ensure that all signal paths are maintained neutrally. All equipment must be supported by some kind of foot device, whether it be individual members or a large flat plane. The Quantum's top is split into four separate, independent platforms, each of which is designed to absorb and dissipate energy from the component. Because of the separation, energy drained from each of a maximum of 4 feet cannot combine and be reflected back into the component. Thus, draining/damping of the component chassis is achieved more effectively, further lowering intermodulation distortion which may be caused by subtle mechanical energy, whose object is to lower the noise floor. Lower noise levels in the component allow faster transients across the entire spectrum. In addition, extreme low bass preservation has been improved, even over the vaunted Ultra, which was our previous reference in this area. The Quantum takes the bass benefits of the Ultra and seems to extend them a full octave lower, to the very foundations of audible sound.

Quadrant Isolation
By splitting the top surface of the platform into 4 quadrants, the Quantum divides the work of energy drainage into four isolated sectors which effectively separate components into four pieces and separately drain each section. This scheme not only achieves superior overall drainage but also reduces mechanical intermodulation of these unwanted mechanical energies in the component by effectively separating the chassis into four separate parts. Each of the four iso-quadrants are constructed of dual levels of heavy gauge stainless steel. Each of the four top layers are constructed of two bonded layers of 1/8" and 20 gauge stainless steel layers, constrain layer damped. The top layer and an intermediary layer of 14 gauge stainless steel are separated by two separate sections of 1/2", high thermal coefficient foam.

Air-CellTM Vertical Compliance
These four sections are mounted on a completely separate platform which represents a new Symposium technology of 3 separate foam layers which consist of two different densities of foam. Arranged in a sandwich configuration, this system provides dissipation of vertical displacement vibration without the "bounce" and overshoot problems that plague rubber air bag systems. The center foam section is made up of many very small, embedded "air cells" which accomplish much the same function as one large air bladder; the difference being that instead of one large air bag, there are literally thousands of small air cells, all of which are much better "damped" by the thermal absorption properties of the surrounding foam walls. Although simple air bladder platforms seek to isolate by providing a "cushion" of air whose compliance or "give" seeks to absorb vertical motion, adiabatic compression of the trapped air during volume displacement causes non-linearities in operation, which in turn creates new bass distortion. In short, these "easy solutions" cause more problems than they solve, for a variety of reasons. The Quantum achieves its bass authority without the overhang, bass bloating and blurring that afflicts conventional air bag isolation systems, and is an order of magnitude beyond platforms that contain polymers, sorbothane or rubber.

Going Further
While our Standard and Large Couplers function well, the all-out approach of the Quantum demanded a requisite advance in coupler technique, and the solution was found in the Rollerblock.

Precision Supercouplers
Four special couplers called "Supercouplers" borrow from Rollerblock technology. Made of 7075 aircraft aluminum with a harder-than-steel skin of black "hard coat" anodizing, the Supercoupler has a precision-machined matrix of honeycombed cavities which create a "waveguide" for mechanical energy, improving energy transmission between component and Quantum. Each coupler is used on one quadrant to touch the bare chassis of the supported component and provide superior coupling drainage into the Quantum.

The combination of the Quantum's features and innovation results in a platform that extends the benefits of energy drainage and isolation a full octave below what was previously realizable with even the Ultra Platform, and with greater neutrality and transient preservation. With all components, and even small or light front end components, the Quantum is nothing short of spectacular; it sets new standards for vibration control treatment, and brings component performance to entirely new and higher levels.

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Quantum Specifications
Total thickness: 3 inches (7.6 cm) Finish: Brushed, polished stainless steel with laser-etched legends
Couplers: Four "Supercouplers" supplied Top Sections: Double, series foam isolation/drainage
Suspension: Air CellTM multi-density foam system Weight Limit: 150 lbs. or more
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