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With solid aircraft alloy leg system and sturdy, resonance-free constrained layer shelving, our new Foundation Rack offers good looks and first rate quality at an affordable price.


The Super Segue ISO offers superior damping and resonance-free isolation for larger and heavier turntables.


OSIRIS - offering exclusive, true state-of-the-art rack technology.

Classic Footer Damping Insert kit

Damping Inserts for VPI Classic Turntable

Affordable, easy to install, and they really make a difference! If you are the owner of a VPI Classic or Prime turntable, Symposium's Damping Inserts will increase definition and transparency, and heighten your analog playback enjoyment.

The Segue

Segue Platform

Introduced by popular demand for a high quality platform at an "entry" level price, the Segue offers true and effective resonance-damping vibration control at an affordable price. With classic Symposium constrained-layer technology, the Segue delivers performance unsurpassed by any other platform anywhere near its price - which begins at a suggested US Retail of only $199 for the standard "19x14" size. The Segue is ideal for all components, including loudspeakers, and will improve bass quality, dynamics, midrange "bloom" and musicality across the board - without adding any new resonances or colorations. All sizes are available.

Segue ISO

Segue ISO Isolation Platform

Some components are quite sensitive to vertical mode, low frequency vibration; the most obvious of these is the analog turntable. The Seque ISO is expressly designed to isolate analog turntables from vibration and shock, and adds an exclusive damped vertical isolation suspension to the Segue platform. The ISO thus combines Symposium's classic resonance-damping technology with effective isolation from footfall and bass feedback problems that plague analog turntables (especially those with no built-in suspensions) - and does it at an affordable price. When used with Rollerblock® footers, the Segue ISO/Rollerblock system will provide 6 degrees of isolation which can rival isolation devices costing thousands of dollars - at a small fraction of their price. The Segue ISO is also ideal for all critical components, including CD players, digital transports, computer servers, and more. US Retail pricing starts at only $399 for standard "19x14" sizes. Available for all sizes and loads.

The Quantum Signature

Quantum Signature

Precision, laser-cut constrained-layer techniques ensure unequalled resonance damping power for overhang-free transient preservation from the lowest bass to the highest treble frequencies. The Quantum Signature will support large and heavy premium turntables that weigh up to 220 (100 kG) pounds or more, and will unlock all the potential for state of the art performance and musicality that was painstakingly built into them. Special editions include the Q Signature Motor ISO version for turntables with separated motors (such as VPI HRX, etc), and features a fifth, separate "island" for the motor, as shown here:

Quantum Signature HRX

The Quantum Signature will outperform any competing platform, at any price. Can we make one for you? If so, please call or email for a price quote or for more information!

Quantum Signature Pro Ampstand

Quantum Signature Ampstand

For the finest power amplifiers in the world. Our reference Ampstand, with 4 or 5 Terminator Cone Feet with reversible Tellurium Copper spikes. Please call or email for more information.



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