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  Segue Platform - the affordable platform for better systems.
The Segue Platform establishes a new reference point for value in an affordable isolation/damping platform

"I took the spikes off the bottom of the black stands so that the black stand now sat flat on my bamboo cutting board ,which was on top of Rollerblock juniors;on top of a maple cutting board. Your Segue then went on top of four little rubber knobs that were on the top of the black speaker stand... Then the speakers went flat onto the Segue. I've listened to it for about 10 minutes and frankly I'm shocked about how much better it is overall!!! ...I'm recommending these to anyone with speakers on stands. Can't wait to try them underneath my floor standers as you recommended."
E.V.W., New Jersey

Popular demand for an affordable, entry-level addition to the established stable of Symposium platforms engendered the Segue, a new reference for affordable, effective isolation and damping for high quality music and video systems.

All music and video systems benefit from proper vibration control. The benefits of Symposium platforms are well known and have been documented, written and raved about for two decades, and the Segue continues this tradition in an affordable, attractive package that is accessible by virtually any budget. The Segue will improve bass quality, timbral resolution, musical dynamics, imaging, focus, and virtually all aspects of the listening experience. Placed under video components, picture quality is also affected for the better, with less noise, improved color saturation, etc.

Placed under CD Players, DVD players, servers, suspended turntables, amps, preamps, speakers and more, the Segue will improve the performance of your system without adding new resonances, colorations, or unwanted artifacts.

Dimensions and Weight
The Segue is 1.625" (1 5/8") or approximately 4 cm thick; a standard 19x14 (48cm x 35.5cm) platform weighs approximately 7 lbs (approximately 3.2 kG). While our popular size roster for platforms (see below) is still in effect, the Segue can be ordered in virtually any size needed for special applications or to fit into specific areas.

The Technology
The Segue is a streamlined version of our time-tested Super, Super Plus and Ultra Platforms, and achieves its goals in like manner by using stepped-density layers carefully bonded together to form a resonance-free absorptive engine for the dissipation of vibratory energy. The top layer is anodized aluminum; the bottom layer is a special composite consisting of bonded wood elements. A heat-exchanging center section serves to convert mechanical energy into sonically harmless heat energy, and provide effective, resistive isolation between the support surface and the component in use. The Segue, like all Symposium products, reduces or eliminates vibration neutrally, and will not convert it into a different, more "euphonic" form as is done by products which employ compliant polymers, sorbothanes, and similar materials.

Weight Capacity

  • On flat surfaces: The Segue shares the high weight capacity of all Symposium platforms and has moderate cantilever strength. Placed flat upon a uniform support surface (such as a shelf, table, floor, etc.), it has a theoretical weight limit of several hundred pounds (>150 kG) or more.
  • When placed on top of cones, rack posts, etc: When only supported at three or four contact areas (such as couplers, cones, vertical rack legs, etc), very high weight loads (greater than 100 pounds or about 45 kG) should be avoided. With moderately heavy weight loads of more than about 40 pounds (18 kG), the support contacts should be placed or located directly beneath and inside the footprint of the load itself, and not outside the load's perimeter.

Available Sizes
Popular sizes are 19x14, 19x18, 19x21, and 19x24; other sizes are available. Custom sizes for smaller footprint loudspeakers or components are also available.

The Segue ISO
A special edition of the Segue Platform, the Segue ISO, adds a new, vertical suspension footer system to the Segue's already excellent damping engine to provide an effective, resonance-free isolation system. Marked reduction of difficult-to-isolate, extremely low frequency vertical waves caused by footfalls, low bass feedback, etc. is accomplished by the ISO without a sacrifice in sound quality. Developed especially with analog turntables in mind, the Segue ISO offers remarkable performance and true low frequency isolation at a previously unheard-of low price. Click here for more details.

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