SYMPOSIUM®  Point Pods

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Point Pods are an affordable solution for treating components with an effective, performance-improving vibration control device.

The Point Pod is a slim, "mini" Symposium platform- only 2" by 3" (5 x 7.6 cm), and 0.315" (8 mm) thick. Their tops and bottoms are layers of hand finished, polished stainless steel, and their interior consists of 3 constrained layers of specially selected materials which damp and absorb mechanical energy with minimal reflection and time delay characteristics.


Point Pods are ideal for use with small active components, such as mini-digital processors and power supplies, or with loudspeakers. They are also ideal for use with an inverted Rollerblock setup, as their stainless steel tops are hard enough for direct contact with the Rollerblock ball. Point Pods are most effective when used in direct contact with the chassis of components. In this primary application, they are effective either beneath or on top of the component, or both. They are also excellent for use when larger or taller isolation devices aren't appropriate or practical, as in equipment racks with limited vertical space. They are ideal for use on wood floors to protect spikes and cones from damaging surfaces, and can be used together with Symposium Precision Couplers or Rollerblocks to improve overall sonic results by providing a more neutral support surface. Point Pods are very effective with loudspeakers; in this application, they improve sonics by damping cabinet wall vibrations which cause loudspeaker driver intermodulation distortion.


"You were absolutely right - the Point Pods did a good a good job damping out vibration and resonance present on the ClearAudio turntable! The result: beautiful resolution (drums did sound like drums, guitars sounded, well, just like a beautiful guitar in the hands of a master musician) and the bass, wow, was not the bloated and noisy bass I had before but one that sounds deeper and tight. Sorry for sounding like a kid who just got his favorite toy."
- R.P., Singapore


Use Point Pods as damping devices on small chassis devices; you will find them to be quite effective in improving dynamics, timbral character, etc. If you are STACKING components on top of one another, use Fat Padz to separate, isolate, and damp your components all at the same time!


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