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Customer Feedback   
                                        " a word, WOW!..."

"Without fail, every time I add a Symposium product, the performance of my system takes a leap forward."

"Certainly one of my better investments in HiFi"

"I could have bought amplification several tiers up the ladder and at considerable more cost and not have received the same improvement."


Just a few notes from some of our customers...

Rollerblock Series 2+

...when I got home I popped the rollerblocks under my Linn Genki CD player. Based on my positive experience using them under my VTL, I expected them to work fine, but not to the extreme they actually did. Same kinds of improvement as with the amp -- much better bass control, less rasp on violins, better dynamics -- but even more so. Stuff just jumped out of the system. Congested CDs got sorted right out. Much easier to hear low level information and soundstaging cues, echoes of cymbals, rhythm instruments in the corners ... really quite shocking for a couple of balls in cups, and has me questioning reality.
A.M., Maryland

Rollerblock Jr.

Under the speakers they clarify everything. What can be a wash of sound becomes a soundscape, with instruments & voices in very definite places. Bass, instead of messing with everything, is managed and at the same time, made more substantial, given weight and stride. So, two sets to go please!
M., Ontario

Rollerblock Jr., Isis Platform and Svelte Shelf

I have never reported back to you that I am very happy with Rollerblock Jr. and the Isis and Svelte Shelves.
My final set-up is now:

Isis shelf and RBJr under my power amps. 2nd Power amp is sitting on top of 1st power amp with the help of large couplers.
Svelte shelf and RBJr under my pre-amp
Svelte shelf under my CD-Player
Isis shelf under my Linn Sondek

The largest difference is made by the Isis/RBJr combination under my power amps. The combination effectively isolates the amplifiers from floorboard vibration. I used a number of different combinations but the set-up you recommended gave in the end the best results.

The sound cleared up and the bass rich instruments in the orchestra gained an amazing amount of definition and depth. Dynamics increased quite dramatically. A most amazing and rewarding experience.

Certainly one of my better investments in HiFi, even considering the 30% import duty the Dutch customs charge.
A.K., Netherlands

Ultra Platform and Rollerblock Series 2

Wow! What can I say. You were 100% correct. The Tungsten Carbide balls [with Series 2 Rollerblocks] (sitting on top of an Ultra platform) work wonder with the Wadia transport. Tight bass, sharp focus with absolute transparent soundstage and the highs are now smooth and fine without "excessive brightness". I owe you one.
M., Hong Kong

For an update on my system, the last purchase from you was two ultra platforms which I inserted beneath my Nak Dragon Transport and DAC. With your Rollerblocks (& Upgraded Bearings) already in place, the switch to the Ultra from the smaller Symposium shelf yielded a big difference. I later put a small zip lock bag of sand on top of the Transport and with that, musicians just seemed to leap out of the blackness and soundstage into my little listening room! I don't think the sandbag would make a whole lot of difference w/out the Ultra Platform. The sound is truly breath-taking. Without fail, every time I add a Symposium product, the performance of my system takes a leap forward.
R.W., California

Rollerblock Series 2

Have my rollerblocks for a few days now. I have put them under my CEC Tl-2x transport, with the tungsten balls. Till now I have only listened with my Stax Signature headphones set. The improvements have been absolutely stunning, name every important parameter, and the rollerblocks made a very big improvement. Now it is very much like listening to a live event. Hear details I have never heard before, like little sounds the conductor makes, or traffic noise outside the recording revenue. The "sound" of the floors and ceilings. Bass has become incredibly taut and deep, also full of detail. For the first time in my life, I really can enjoy digital now. What puzzles me, is that even very expensive gear like my CEC transport, can be transformed for the better, by such a big margin. Now there is a good chance that the creators of some high end stuff, themselves don't know how good their products can really sound.....strange..... Will probably order a second set soon. Regards,
R.V., Netherlands

Rollerblock Jr.+ (w/ Tungsten Carbide balls)

Just got the Rollerblock Jr. and they blow away the Aurios I've been using under my SET amp. The artist intention is allowed to come through, whereas before with the aurios there was air and a quiet background, Now I realize it came at a price. These rollerblock jr. do that better and then some- the highs are cleaner, the lows are fuller and articulated, the staging is deeper and wider but above all there is no interference in the pace and rhythm, they are much more fluid, open, bigger sounding. But more importantly, I realize now there was an emotional block removed from the music. I think I will have to get more of these, and if the rollerblock Sr is even better. Thank you for being so smart and skilled.
R.G., New York City

Svelte Shelf under Loudspeakers

I ordered a set of svelte platforms for my speakers after my last email to you and they arrived last Friday.

All I can say is that they ought to be compulsory! The sound is more articulate and natural. Smoothness and neutrality are a hard combination to achieve but the platforms do both. I recall Sam Tellig's comments in stereophile about the rollerblocks and I would say that the same applies to the sveltes when placed under speakers.

It was not easy to predict the extent to which intermodulation distortion might influence sound and where that influence might be concentrated. In my system at least the effect was more or less across the board. What appeared to have been entirely due [to] digital grain may have been partly something else ie intermodulation distortion. Well they work and they work extremely well. Thanks...
J.D., Australia

Rollerblock Series 2

I have to tell you a little story. I've been using an Audio Aero Capitole cd player for the last few months. Wonderful player, but something about it bugged me. Couldn't figure out what it was until yesterday when I finally replaced the factory supplied BDR cones with a set of your rollerblocks. Shu-zam! That was it! Pretty much across the board improvement, on the order of what I heard with the Sony SCD-1. Best of all, the annoying "brightness" was gone that had plagued the Audio Aero since the day I took it out of the box. I have to admit, those damn balls can be a little frustrating to deal with sometimes, but well worth it. I'm a believer!
S.K., Wisconsin

...First things first: Last week I tried to find isolation products to support my other CD Player (remember I have a set of Rollerblocks on my SACD player already), and I thought I should save some money and get something less expensive than the Rollerblocks. Bought the Feet of Silence by Solid Tech ( ), saved a few bucks. Guess what, it came out after 5 seconds. The moral is: Economics 101: there's no free lunch!!! Congratulations yet for another job well done!
R.C., Hong Kong

Ultra Platform with VTL Amplifier

I recently bought your "Ultra Platform" and it has performed miracles sitting under my VTL ST150. A king certainly deserves a throne and the Ultra does not disappoint. Thanks again,
D.G., Ontario


Rollerblock Series 2 + Grade 3 Superballs with B.A.T. VKD-5SE

...I also wanted to thank you for sending me the Grade 3 Superballs with B.A.T. VKD-5SE which I employed in the double block formation under my BAT VKD5SE CD player. The impact was immediate and dramatic. The improvement to the clarity, and backgound silence was extraordinary but also the detail throughout the tonal range improved; Bass more defined and tighter, mid range richer and detailed, and the highs were clearer and more precise and detailed without ever becoming too taut. My wife, who has a sharp, musician's ear but not an audiophile, listened later on (without my telling her anything) and said "What have you done? This sounds dramatically better." My advice to any one with high end equipment, particularly tubes and efficient speakers, is to order some right away. It is madness not to. It was the single greatest "tweak" I have experienced, and for the price the most valuable for the money, not to mention the easiest to perform and hear the results. So many out there make the same marketing led promises, but they seldom deliver. You did. Thank you.
C.B., California

Symposium Platforms with Rollerblock Series 2

     I set everything up and must say I'm really amazed at the differences - so much so that I noticed a major flaw in my system that wasn't so apparent before. In my current room my speakers are very close together - only about 4 ft apart. I had always noticed a slight right bias to the sound but after installing the rollerblocks and isolation platforms I noted a marked right balance in the soundstage. After calling Mark O'Brien at Rogue we determined that I probably have a bad tube fuse in one of my monoblocks, so I'm off to the store to replace them.
     One of the things that I'm really impressed with is the stability of my components on the rollerblocks. My system is relatively difficult to service, requiring that I move the whole rack in order to do so and the components do not seem like they would fall off of the rollerblocks as I move the unit.
     Thanks again for everything. As soon as space allows I will be ordering more of your products - maybe sooner for svelte speaker sets, although I have to measure the bases of my speakers.
G.D., New York

I have used a variety of vibration-control devices, including Golden Sound cones, BDR shelves/cones, Townsend Sinks, Bright Star Rocks. But your solution clearly works the best. Thanks for these amazing designs, and for your patience in instructing me to extract the best from them. The Symposium setup provides a big boost in sound quality, akin to switching from the CD layer to the SACD layer on a hybrid SACD disc. It does not simply provide "more details" which some tweaks do by highlighting particular areas of the spectrum. But the Symposium set-up makes individual instruments leap out in distinction from each other, in terms of holographic solidity and dynamic presence. This is the hallmark of TRUE transparency. The tonal balance is rendered very neutrally & naturally. This is important to me as a composer, as I work constantly with chamber ensembles and orchestras. My new orchestral work premieres... with the Warsaw Philharmonic.
K.T., Singapore

...Our friend purchased these products from you...several years ago. Now the rest of us, had the possibilty to test these in the shop during 5 weeks. We arranged listening evenings in the shop, to find out if these products present "better" sound performance - Symposium did an excellent job !! In all systems we found more synergy and well defined separation from low bass to treble. Dynamics and more transparent sound....period. We made the evaluation together with this equipment: CD - Wadia 861 / Wadia 23 / Naim. Amps - Krell KSA50 / Nelson Pass,Aleph 30 / Naim. Loudspekers - Majority, Totem Acustic. Several, Naim systems. Equipment stand - Audio magic.
T.B., Sweden

Ultra Platform with Cary CAD-300B amp

Several months ago, I called and purchased an Ultra platform to use as an amp stand under my Cary CAD-300B power amp. At the time, never having used a Symposium product before, etc., I wanted to be sure that I could return the platform w/i 30 days, in the shrink wrap, "just in case" . . . . Well, please note that I have NOT returned the platform -- you can't have it back -- it made an immediate and obvious improvement in my system. The overall level of detail & resolution went up a significant notch, the whole spatial presentation got bigger and deeper, airier highs, more solid lows, and most of all hearing further into the music . . . .
J.B., New Jersey

As a follow up to your reply, I would like to say that after a brief test ride, and subsequent purchase of the "Ultra" platform I must give the product a rousing "two thumbs up". I should add, that "Applause Audio" and owner Rob share some of the spotlight. This is a gem of a store with a refreshing approach in an otherwise stuffy audio world. As a person who also deals with people at the retail level I appreciate this brand of service.
B.F., Ontario

Svelte Shelf

I initially had the Zoethecus rack shelf sized Svelte Shelf under my Krell KAV300CD player, along with the first set of Rollerblocks (w/ standard balls) in the recommended setup. Without doing anything else at that point, I readily heard most of the benefits described with the use of the Rollerblocks in place as I played many of my favorite tracks from my usual selection of CDs that I use to test and listen to new components. I then put the pair of Svelte Shelves, cut for the footprint of my Audio Physics Virgos speakers and was truly taken aback by the additional clarity and depth of the sound. I stayed with this setup for a day or two, enjoying more and more music, with that smile on my face ever constant...
     ...Seeing that the footprint of speaker shelves were exactly the same as the footprint of my VTL amps, I borrowed them from the speakers and coupled them to the shelf using the Super Couplers I had acquired from before. Though I missed the sound the shelves had allowed under the speakers, there was something about the mating of the shelves with the couplers under the amps which, though not the same as the result under the speakers, made me halt and essentially say: Don't touch that dial. Of course, I had to get back in contact with Carol and order replacements for the speaker shelves and acquire another set of Rollerblocks.
     ...I was able to try the double-stack configuration of the Rollerblocks under my CD Player which was, once again, under the Svelte Shelf. It was indeed all that has been described about this setup. My immediate reaction, and most solid recollection at this time was the listening to Prof. Johnson on the "Something Spatial" track of the XLO Test CD. How much more natural he and the sound room he was speaking in sounded. Truly a WOW! experience with that same silly smile on my face...
G.P., New Jersey

Svelte Parsifal Set for the Verity Audio Parsifal Loudspeaker

Its too bad you had to take back the platforms for my Parsifals. I miss them very much. I was planning a lot of listening during the Christmas holidays and would have enjoyed them. Specially after having tasted them. Anyhow please get me another set (just the top ones) as quickly as you can and advise Paul at Filtronique in Montreal to keep me posted.
M.B., Quebec

Shelf Platform

...I received the Shelf Platforms last week. Thank you for the very fast shipment. I'm quite impressed with the improvement they brought to my system. I never expected vibration devices to make such a difference, although I remember that the improvement brought by the addition of the Roller Blocks was staggering (as well as the upgrade to the tungsten bearings). I've decided to get another Shelf Platform for my CD player's power supply...
E.A., Ontario

Super Platform and Rollerblock Series 2

I received the Super Platform today. It is beautiful! But my wife is going to notice it and ask me how much I spent. But the sonic benefits are indisputable. In a word, WOW!!!...In terms of my equipment, I have Museatex transport, Bidat, McCormack Rev. A DNA 0.5, and Merlin TSM-SE speakers. In terms of sonic benefits that I have noticed. I would say the difference was more drastic with the Super Platform in place than without. I have not tried it without the Rollerblocks but I do know the two are working together. Overall, I find the sound bigger with a deeper and wider soundstage. Also there is much more air between and around the instruments. I think the bass was improved significantly with the Rollerblocks before the Platform. The changes in the bass were not as drastic by adding the Platform, but mind you this has been only a few hours with Platform. I would say the most significant improvement with the Platform in place is the improvement in microdynamics. I hear more nuances in the performances because things are clearer and more distinct. Also, I am finding that I can play at lower volumes with all the microdynamics in place. When I pressed the play button after installing the Platform, I had to turn the volume down because it seemed louder. These are some of the most significant additions, if not the most significant, to my system...I would not flinch to buy the Platform and Rollerblocks because they are very reasonably priced, especially compared to some really expensive "tweaks" out there. I better stop because I see that I am starting to use the same banal descriptions and expressions in the audio magazines. Nevertheless, the improvements are there and are immediate.
R.K., Michigan

Rollerblock Series 2 with Marantz CD changer

Affixed the Rollerplates to my Marantz CD player last night. Immediate difference. The unit "floats" far better with them. And the sound is even more open and detailed.
Can't believe it made a difference, but I'm getting used to being made a believer.
V.M., New Jersey

Rollerblock Series 2

Just wanted to drop a word of praise and gratitude for the Rollerblocks. I recently moved and my stereo (Audio Research D115mk2 amp, LS8 preamp (tube) CAL CL-10 CD, Vandersteen 2CE speaker and MIT 750 Cables) moved with me from a room that had carpet over solid concrete to a carpet-over-wood configuration: given that there is a basement beneath the den, the new flooring has, relative to the old, a lot of flex and bounce.
The lovely soundstage I had so carefully developed at the old place melted. Not that it didn't sound okay, just that the beautifully accurate, nearly 3-dimensional imaging that the MITs, as my final tweak, had brought out, was lost. I figured a good deal of it was the tube equipment and the CD resonating in sympathy with the floor- face it, the speakers were already on spikes, with Sound Anchor stands filled with sand and lead shot, so there wasn't much more I could do about that.
Enter the Rollerblocks.
WOW. I got my first set of 3 and put them under the CL-10...a HUGE surprise. The sound floor dropped, the stage regained definition, depth and focus. It was nearly the same order of magnitude as upgrading the preamp significantly.
I liked them so much I got a set of four, moved the three-set under the preamp, and put the new four-set under the CL-10. (it's a bitch doing this by yourself, BTW, but my wife was away.) The bass improved in definition and punch, and the noise floor dropped to nearly nothing.
I'd love to get a set under the D115, but it's a 65-pound (at least) monster, so it will have to wait.
Thanks once again- an excellent product!
Princeton, New Jersey

The rollerblocks arrived over a week ago what a wonderful product the world should be told of these I firmly believe I could have bought amplification several tiers up the ladder and at considerable more cost and not have received the same improvement. Below are just some of the adjectives used to describe the benefits:
More rhythm
More dynamic
More detail
Clearer Quieter
Better separation
Completely out the box speakers almost seemed to disappear
Vocals are real and lifelike
The only thing missing from the impression of being in a club is the smoky atmosphere
Music has vitality
Instruments are much sharper
More dynamic
I could go on and on but you would get fed up reading this suffice to say I'm extremely pleased if you have any enquires please do not hesitate to use me as a reference indeed if any one wants to come along for a demo I will be only to pleased to oblige once again many thanks and may you and all your staff have a very happy Christmas.
T.D., Scotland

Ultra Platform with PS Audio P300 in a High End Home Theater System

Yes! Got the 1/2 width Ultra platform today, and I put it on top of CRT with PS Audio P300. Picture looks bit brighter than before and better than even with my prior tweaks. Doesn't surprise me, and this time, with Ultra platform underneath P300 to avoid heat/vibration interaction with CRT body, I bet picture will stay wonderful quality uniformly. I'll let you know in few days...

[a few days later...]

...the custom Ultra platform with the PS Audio P300, on top of my Dwin CRT projector, is unbelievable. Despite how great I had the picture tweaked before, it don't compare to now. But without your platform, the vibration and heat from the P300 degraded the picture. So the 9" wide custom Ultra platform really did the trick.
S.B., Arizona

Shelf Platform

I have just purchased a piece of Shelf-Platform, together with 3 large size couplers, from Mr. Doshi to experiment. I am using it for the CD Player. For the price I paid and the result I got, I must say that it is most value for money! I am now convinced that the Symposium Isolation Platform is a wonderful product.
S.C., Singapore

Ultra Platform with Wilson MAXX Loudspeakers



...the difference in Burge's room was quite a bit, in fact according to Burge a new speaker, after putting the Ultra shelf underneath the MAXX instead of the spikes...
S.C., India



Rollerblock Series 2

All I can say is: ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I don't have to tell you about all the improvements, I guess you know all about it. But I think EVERYTHING gets better, more bass, more details etc, etc. I'm stunned!!!...

[a few weeks later, after getting Tungsten Carbide upgrade...]
I have had a little time to listen to the Tungsten balls, and OHHH!!! what an improvement!!! This is by FAR the best upgrade I have done! ...I moved the Svelte and put it under the Krell (50-s) and put the Blocks directly onto the Pagode (with G 25 balls) AND MAN COULD MY SYSTEM PLAY NOW!!!!!! Or to put it in another way; My $3000 ASC Studio Traps are good, my $2000 Pagode are great, BUT MY $613!!!! WORTH OF SYMPOSIUM STUFF ARE BY FAR, FAR, FAR THE BEST IMPROVEMENT (and it is almost free!!!) SO FAR!!! And the best thing about it is that you know I'm not kidding, cos you have probably heard it your self!!!
S.L., Sweden

...and a Svelte Shelf!

Well what can I say this time? "Oops... You`ve done it again" is all I can think of!! The Svelte together with R Blocks (up-side-down, two at the back) and the couplers under Svelte (one at the back) sounds just wonderfull! So much more info. on the records, tighter bass and much bigger soundstage...
S.L., Sweden

Svelte Shelves with Rowland Model 10 and Revel Studio Loudspeakers

The Sveltes were waiting for me when I got home from Chicago on Friday. After a few hours of work, I am really excited by their promise. Here is what I did: -- Put them on top of the two chassis of the Rowland Model 10. They took away some of the accentuation of sibilants that I thought was a permanent part of my DSS sound. There was a whole sense of electronic edge that was gone. -- I took the spikes out of the Revel Studios and put them on top of the Sveltes (directly on the wool carpet). The soundstage immediately opened up and the upper frequencies took on a sense of precision similar to what I heard on SACD through Revel Salons mated to ML 33H's...
J.B., Michigan

Ultra Platform with Sony SCD-1 SACD player

just placed the platform under SCD-1 with cones using the stainless steel plates - UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! Clearer notes, air, space, detail, imaging is much larger and focused. I can get used to this!!
J.R., Ohio

Grade 3 Superball upgrade

And boy am I convinced!? Last night I tried out some of your newest grade tungsten balls on the rollerblocks that my friend had lent me and was I flabbergasted or what? Under a Sony SACD player, I heard a degree of darkness in the background that I have never experienced before, and everything snapped into focus. And probably due to the lowering of the noise floor the perceived sound level was actually higher even I did not touch the volume control at all!...All in all, congratulations on yet another great product that actually works!!
R.C., Hong Kong

Ultra Platform with Atma-Sphere tubed monoblock amps

It's one of those times I didn't expect much but got plenty. The custom Symposium Ultra for my pair of mono block Atma-sphere MA1 MKII amps (27" by 14") came beautifully packaged. It's one of the most artistic appealing looking platforms on the market. It did look good in my living room, a real plus over other designs.
One of the reasons I picked the Ultra is the foam layered with special aluminum design. My prior Bright Star Air Platform tends to be weighted down by the heavier side. So the heavier amp transformer side presses down on the edge and at times touches the base plate. This defeats the separation of the plates by the air bladder. The Ultra evens out the entire amp at a consistent level. Slanting amps no more! Also, unevenly leveled amps create sonic problems, especially with tubes.
Well the Ultra beat the pants off the Bright Star Air base. The bass volume has increased with deeper extension at the extreme. Wow, superb bass slam impact on percussion instruments. The entire sonic spectrum from the treble to the bass is cleanly rendered. Separation of instrument pieces and vocals are distinctively displayed. Needless to say, the imaging is sharply focused.
The background is dead silent with the Ultra. This means more details with musical information and an increase in sound volume. The amp has increased in power. Unbelievable from an isolation component. I can now listen farther back into the hall of my orchestral analog recordings...A magnificent achievement...Also I want to thank you for your kind care toward your customers. You try to make things happen between Symposium and buyers. In High End, those touches are invaluable as your reputation grows from word of mouth. Regards,
M.H., California

...and the list keeps growing!...


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